Running containers vs running virtual machines – pros and cons simplified

If you can run multiple Docker containers on a single server and you can run multiple virtual machines on a single server, then how does Docker differ from virtual machines?  Virtual Machines each require their own operating system to be installed whereas Docker can run multiple containers in one operating system. Immediately you are saving […]

Easy way to connect Docker to localhost

To connect Docker to localhost, running Docker for Windows or Docker for Mac, you can use the special DNS name host.docker.internal which resolves to the internal IP address used by the host. Within your container, all you need to do to access the localhost is point your request to http://host.docker.internal:<port> This will not work in […]

Docker: A concise, quick overview

Simply put, Docker is a set of tools that deliver software in containers. Containers differ from virtualised operating systems in that they are run by a single kernel rather than a kernel for each virtualized operating system. This reduces the bloat required to run and maintain virtual machines allowing more containers to run on the […]

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